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Parkinson's with diabetes and dialysis end of life...

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Hi Ginger.. and thank you for your kindness in responding to my cry for help... Things are moving along rather quickly.. Of course, we knew these days were coming, but still it seems so sudden... There are so many things that we have to deal with besides the immediate health change for our son.. He lives in a house that we purchased for him to live in when he first got too sick to continue working.. It's in one state and we live in another, 500 miles away.. so there is that... Also, he had 2 little dogs.. one was very sick with a tumor and had to be put to sleep. the other is a wonderful little guy, but he has a few things that make him unadoptable, I'm afraid.. He's an indoor/outdoor doggie door pet, but was never socialized to be around other dogs or children, plus he pees anywhere.. My son has been sick all of the little dogs life and never taught him manners.. All of a sudden little PJ's world has been turned upside down.. and he's all alone... So this is one more terribly sad event for Mom to take care of... It really hurts me...

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Hello @hotfooted,

I am so sorry for what you are going through. I would like to applaud you for the great care you are giving to your son. You have been encouraging and supportive in so many ways since he became unable to work. I have no doubt that you have no regret for what you have done to help him.

As @gingerw said, it is important to give yourself some care now. Take a break every now and then from this journey and allow yourself to take some deep breaths, a short walk and enjoy some of your favorite music.

In what ways are you finding the hospice care to be helpful to you and your son?

@hotfooted Everything sounds so difficult for you and your family. I haven’t got much helpful advice that others haven’t already expressed. But, I can maybe help with the dog. We just adopted a dog that sounds very much like your son’s dog. He’s very small, toothless, blind and has a terrible skin infection. He was in a hoarding situation and then was a stray on the streets. How could I not adopt him?! We bought dog diapers and have been teaching him to go outside on a regular basis. After 1 month, he’s a different dog! Find a rescue group near you—they will help. That will set everyone’s mind at ease, especially your son’s.