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Parkinson's with diabetes and dialysis end of life...

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Hi Colleen.. My son has been living alone in his own home, but with a caregiver who lived next door and would come any time he called for help day or night.. She came every day to take care of him and the house for several hours, plus took him to doctor visits, appmts. and did all the shopping for him.. It all came to a halt less than 2 weeks ago when he went into a seizure at his dialysis clinic. That's when they transported him to the hospital.. After a week in hospital he was moved to a skilled nursing facility. Today he was taken back to dialysis, but he's now wearing a diaper and can't control his bowels.. had a very emabarrassing episode.. He was returned to the nursing home, cleaned up, but refused to go back for dialysis.. When I got there I met with the head nurse, we filled out new DNR etc to stop dialysis. I signed all the papers and bear full responsibility now. Monday I will speak with Hospice about controlling his pain level and keeping him comfortable. His dad got here last night from our home out of state. They spoke of Christ and our beliefs.. thankfully, our son is a believer and has been for many years.. He is at peace now with what is happening to him, but since he does hallucinate off and on he isn't always fully with us in the moment.. I'm holding up okay so far.. but it's been a blessing having my husband here with us today.. and I'm keeping careful watch on him, too.. He couldn't stay with Dan very long today and there are enough things to keep him busy at Dan's home.. He is best kept busy and removed from the emotional pain and stress.. Our granddaughter called her dad yesterday and said she was coming to see him at the nursing home, but he told her not to.. She has taken family leave time and we are keeping as much sadness and stress off her young shoulders as we can.. She realizes that it's necessary, too.. I am so very thankful for my loving family and that we live with faith in our Creator, whom we call God... I so appreciate the kind thoughts and words that so many have expressed on this forum for us.. It's a help and relief and eases my pain to be able to express my thoughts and feelings.. Thank you all so very much...

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@hotfooted Your journey is a trial, no doubt. You are a strong woman, and all family members are looking up to you to assist them. In those dark times in the middle of the night or whenever they come, please remember we are here for you. Take care of yourself, too.