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Lichen Planopilaris...newly diagnosed

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@bjf63 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. A place to give and get support.
You are newly diagnosed with LPP, you are taking Clobetasol and steroids occasionally, and you recently had COVID-19. Since COVID-19 you are not able to get your LPP under control and your hair is shedding more than normal. You are looking to connect with members for suggestions and/or support.

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I'm wondering if you had shedding before COVID-19 and if it is a known side effect of LPP and/or the medications you are currently taking?

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Hello, thank you for your reply. I did have minimal shedding before Covid. Initially, when diagnosed and even afterward, I still had minimal shedding but about a month or possible 2 months ago, I started noticing more hair in the drain when washing. My dermatologist has prescribed a combination of minoxidil and finesteride (spelling) from a compound pharmacy that I use at night and the clobetesol in the mornings. I take a multi-vitamin, a 5,000mcg biotin and 50mcg of vitamin D3 daily. I’m open to anything else to try and wanted to connect with anyone that has been diagnosed with LPP since it is relatively rare. It helps just to know there are others that are going through the emotional roller coaster that I am.

My dermatologist prescribed ketoconazole shampoo and told me to alternate it with Head and Shoulders shampoo.