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Thanks for sharing your story and to all of you that have replied. I have been having similar issues and have felt for years it is related to my Thyroid. Then after I had a child I developed several cysts around my thyroid. I am told this is not causing any issues they are not growing and my blood work is not showing anything wrong. Early on (prior to having my child and after) they wanted to diagnose me with depression. I really didn't feel this was the issue but tried this route for a while with no resolution. I kept gaining wait and now they seem to only focus on my weight issue. I even saw in my doctor notes that I seem to have an issue controlling my food intake even though I told them repeatedly I eat a normal diet and sometimes less than my child. I even charted what I eat on several occasions to prove to them my diet is not so bad as to warrant all this weight gain. My hair is now so thin, that my pony tail is close to the size of a new born babies with some hair (not the babies with a full head of hair). Now I have family members (aunts & cousins) getting diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and after treatment feel much better. I have shared this with my doctors but they still do not feel like I have a thyroid issue just a lack of exercise and need to go on a diet or they want to treat me for depression. I hope to find the right terms to use when speaking to my physicians to convince them to dig deeper and take a closer look.

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@mri8191 Beth, are you seeing an endocrinologist? If not then please make an appointment with a really good one. Thyroid issues are very often genetic and if there are members of your family with issues then it is quite probable that you may also have them. I have heard that the TSH test is not always accurate and there are other tests that can be done. Do you know if you have other tests? I presume you have had a TSH test.
I hope you can move forward in a positive direction and get some resolution. You should not have to be dealing with this, and if you are not eating much but gaining weight, that is definitely an indication of some problem. I hope you will let us know how you are doing.