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Hi @susangourdlady, I added your discussion to the Blood Disorders group. I did this so you can more easily connect with other members living with Factor V Leiden and MTHFR mutation, like @sherohio @dmac5 @cncwi17 @warpedtrekker @bluesplashgirl @momofjames @prairiesmoke.

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Serious health events, like the one you described, can most certainly lead to PTSD. I'm glad you found the Mayo Clinic Connect community, a place where you can talk about your experience. You mention that you just "can’t stop talking about it." That's understandable. Are people around you getting fatigued of your need to talk about it? Are they expecting you to "get over it?" It takes time to accept the new normal. What helps you wade through the information and do what is right for you?

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Thank you so much for the invitation to other groups. I am just amazed at this forum and all that is done throughout people's communications. MY biggest complaint in life right now is that out of all of the Dr.'s I see, no one is at the "helm" of it all so to speak. I have my Ph.D., which is a research degree, so I can get to a lot of information that most of my physicians do not have. So much is inter-related . I am losing energy whe it comes to informing my physicians what is going on and all of the related tangents which are involved in this mess of a body!