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Chronic migraine relief suggestions

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Jan 19, 2020 | Replies (23)

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@247pain Sorry to hear how migraine affect your life. Had migraine for 21 years, try every medication; suffered terrible side effects. Migraine took over my life, most months 25 out of 30 days. I finally found a doctor who was willing to try a different way of thinking; now on Tompiramate and Aimovig Injection and migraine has been reduce to 2-3 days a month. @247 pain I wish you luck as you try to find relief from migraines; do not give up, you will find the answer it will take time but I believe it can happen.

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Words of wisdom right here and I will 2nd that. I'm in a happier migraine place also.

Took some doing but I got there and you will too @247pain. What has worked for me:

~ Botox injections every 3 months
~ Emgality monthly self injections (Aimovig stopped working)
~ Cambia (abortive powder for onset)

I wish you all the best and believe me…I feel your misery. Keep hope alive!

Thank you so much for your reply. Last month I had 27 migraines outta the month, I keep a migraine diary. It’s depressing to look back and see how many days were ruined. I’ve been on Topirimate and had an allergic reaction to it as well as the Aimovig injections. My body reacts differently to meds. I’m currently on 3 preventatives one of them being Emgality but so far no luck. It’s hard to believe that hope is on the horizon, migraines make you feel so alone. Thanks for listening