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Genetic tests available for breast cancer detection

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I’m 61 years old, my mother had breast 19 years ago had lumpectomy, chemo an radiation. 3 mths later my mom’s mom had breast cancer an had mastectomy. One of my grandmother’s sister an her daughter both have also had breast cancer. I had my first biopsy in 2007 an my second in 2017, both removed an negative. Have been goin every 6 mth since for mammo an ultra sound. Today when I went they decided I needed to do the genetic testing. I have a daughter an two grandaughters. As I said I’m 61, my mom was 63 I saw what she went through an how hard it was for all of us. That is not something I want to go through or have my family go through.

My question is is my test come back an I have the gene with my family history an my two previous biopsies, would you opt to have the prophylactic mastectomy while you are still in good health?

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