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livertrex (@livertrex)

Dizzy still after my liver transplant

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. I guess the best way to explain my be like getting out of bed in the
morning and bumping into everything because you can't quite get your
balance and everything is kind of moving around you. I know when I ride in
the car with my wife and she's driving everything's going to by me at
hundred miles an hour is frustrating.

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I went through the same thing several months ago. It left and came back again, but for a shorter period. I had no idea that it’s happened with other transplant patients. No problems with it for quite awhile. 🤞

@livertrex, and All.
I want to bring this discussion back to the topic of dizziness after transplant. I am not medically trained, but only a patient like all of you. I honestly don't recall dizziness because my transplant was 10 years ago. However, I decided to look thru my Going Home After Transplant Booklet and one of the listed reasons to call your transplant coordinator is " Feeling unusually weak ot light-headed."
@livertrex, you are young with your transplant, and your body is still trying to get adjusted. I encourage you to call your coordinator tomorrow. You might need to have some repeated labs, or medication adjustment and then more labs. (that is my experience)

Do you have a post transplant coordinator that you can call? Please let me know what you find out?

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