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Prograf versus Adoport

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I have both a liver and a kidney transplant. My own experience is that my kidney requires that I am on a highter dose of tacrolimus than if I hade only a liver transplant. Both kidney and liver teams have agreed on my therapeutic dosage.
@wildcat, One of my antirejection drugs after my transplant was Prograf. Then I was switched to the generic tacrolimus. My doctors alerted me that they would keep an eye on it to be certain that it worked for me. I did / and still do have good results with the generic brand.

When will you begin the new medication?

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@rosemarya @wildcat One thing my transplant doctor saiy, was that generics were fine, but to stay with the same generic. So my pharmacy knows that I want one made by a specific pharmaceutical company and complies with that.

Thank you for your response. It is really good to know that Adoport seems to work just as well as Prograf.

I will change to Adoport when I have used up my existing stock of Prograf and I'll be closely monitored with additional blood tests etc

Can I take this time to thank all of you who have taken the time to respond to me today. Your positive responses mean I have no concerns about the change at all.

This is what Mayo Connect is all about and it is wonderful to have links to you all.