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Just thinking out loud: Humans Alone vs Social

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Good Morning Ginger, TY for your reply. On feature of how I look at things came about when computers became available for Personal Computing ( use ) as an “ artist “ I look at and often “ see “ things much more differently than others. It relates in many ways to this posts existence.
Computers introduced me to:
“ copy and paste “ that feature broadened the way I look at and see things, so your reply is a great example; here’s an example : you said “Of course, some of the replies may be written in invisible ink, so they don't actually appear.” I think I know what you mean but by pulling it out and pasting it here in quotation marks I can 1 say that this particular part of your reply touched me and I smiled. Assuming little it’s best to ask you if you want to expand on it or to allow me my own interpretation? However, I can copy and paste other parts of your reply but another way of responding is free flow which is basically what most people do in everyday life IMHO feel free to disagree or correct me if you think I missed YOUR POINT.
In you next paragraph I read and saw the word “ control “ and towards the end of the Paragraph the word “ try “ in context with the point begged clarification. Are you saying or suggesting that a purpose of cohabitation is to TRY to CONTROL others? If, for instance we live together under the same roof I would want to be clear about intentions, beliefs, expectations, and your willingness to Understand vs Know me.
To use a quote from another movie: “ ‘TRY’ NOT Luke. ‘ DO or DO NOT ‘ there is no ‘ TRY ‘

I often say that Yoda’s Jeti lesson to Luke is profound and it’s one of my favorite quotes.

Overall I love that this whole forum exists so whether I live alone or not I get to read what you think.

Thank you for sharing your thought and feelings!

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@stuckonu As you can see, you have had a wide variety of responses here. That is always a good thing, and allows each of the readers to express themselves, and perhaps, see that you are not alone in your ideas. When I wrote about invisible ink, it was to convey some might type out a response but not send, or think of a response but not want to commit to actual words on paper/screen. While I know there are people who would cohabit in order to control another, the bigger case begs that people would cohabit because it is something they want to do, to have a common goal in mind, to be partners. When there are two [or more] minds/personalities involved, there is sometimes the concept of commandeering from one side, which usually leads to a negative experience for others.

As for those who live around you, and their questions, I too, have faced such interrogatory queries, even though it really is none of their business. I do not respond well in such circumstances, and have been known to say, "Are you writing a book? Then leave that chapter out and call it a mystery!". Yep, definitely not a classy or acceptable response, but rather, a reaction shot out without a censor. Each person should be allowed to live as they choose, as long as it does not hurt others or animals. Just my humble opinion.

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