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Hello everyone, I’m finally going to post about my health issue that I’ve been struggling with for 3 years. Out of nowhere, in 2015-16 I began hyper salivating. Initially it started off intermittently then progressed to nonstop salivating. It never really subsided but would be worse if I drank hot coffee, so I tried to lay off to avoid making it worse. The salivating has caused me a tremendous amount of frustration since it has affected my ability to speak to people, I have to constantly stop talking to swallow which has made me very self conscious. In my line of work, I have to interact with a lot of clients and I’ve found myself avoiding situations where I would be speaking to a group. As if the salivating was not enough of an issue, a few months after it started I began to notice a slight bump on the inside of my bottom lip. No big deal initially, I thought I must have bit my lip or something. It subsided for a while but then came back. Initially it was just my bottom lip but began to spread to my top lip. In the middle of 2016, the inside area of my lips became permanently swollen. It does not hurt at all, has no redness or signs of irritation. So I lived with the problems for quite a while, then my tongue also became slightly swollen. It didn’t just swell up immediately but was gradual, it never became so enlarged that it was an emergency issue but has remained permanent. So I went to a rheumatologist in 2018 hoping for a solution, he’s one of the best around and was very thorough. He ran all kinds of tests but had no idea what was causing the symptoms. He referred me to an allergist and he could not come up with any answers as well. So since last summer my face has begun to swell, mostly above my top lip under my nose and then out through my cheeks. I’ve never tried any meds because there has never been anyone who suggested any solution. I’m going to an appointment at Mayo next week but I’d like to know if anyone has ever experienced all these symptoms together. It’s very distressing and I’d appreciate any help or insight that can be offered. Thank you.

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Hello @cal1972, Welcome to Connect. I'm sure it must be distressing not knowing what's causing the hypersalivation and the swelling. There is another discussion on hypersalivation started by @jcbonne1. I'm tagging our moderator @ethanmcconkey to see if we should combine your discussion with the following discussion. @jenniferhunter my also have some thoughts to share with you.

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Medical News Today has some information that may be helpful — Everything you need to know about hypersalivation

If you are able, can you let us know the outcome of your upcoming Mayo appointment?