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HCM and Head rush sensations

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) | Last Active: Jul 7, 2022 | Replies (15)

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—My symptoms are the same as badmac's. But they are intermittent. The slight chest pain is almost daily, and dizziness is several times per week. Lying on my back has now become very uncomfortable. Worst for me is increasing fatigue; great energy in the morning, but sapped in the afternoon. Even in the morning, any project becomes tiring after a short while. My meds — metoprolol and losartan — do help, but not as well as earlier. It seems the essential one, metoprolol, should be increased (currently 50mg morn and 50mg evening). BTW, does anyone take more than this? With good results?
—Another point, my symptoms seem to appear a few days after a heavy meal that includes some drinking. Alcohol is surely a factor.

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I am currently on Metoprolol 100 mg twice a day and Cardizem 360 mg once a day. I experience dizziness, feel lightheaded, like a head rush of getting off a carnival ride, legs wobbly legs, shaky. Sometimes will last an hour send a half or so after eating meals. There are days, like yesterday, where these symptoms lasted four over 5 hours. I have started writing down everything I eat to see if my diet is causing symptoms to last longer and take over my day and me. Before being diagnosed with HOCM in January 2020, I always enjoyed a glass of red wine a couple times a week but have not had any alcohol since then, mostly due to fear of an episode of symptoms could come anytime and supposed to avoid alcohol with metoprolol ( which interacts with many, many things) and being on blood thinner for A- fib is not recommended due to alcohol will make blood thin also. Would love to hear what others have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that lessens symptoms. Also, while having symptoms what do you do during them that helps? How does your family handle things when you ate not feeling well?