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Hello @maone and welcome to Mayo Connect
I am so sorry to hear of this very difficult experience that you and your family are going through. I am sure that you are doing all you can to locate him, but without any results, it must be hard to stay the course. How are his wife and children coping? How are you coping?

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Thanks so much. Yes, all that we could do has been done. We think he has taken on a new identity. He had been looking at a book called Leaving without a trace. I think he has not contacted anyone he ever knew. He was never a person to break the law in any way. We think he felt he didn’t have any other choice but this. He couldn’t have known how much it would hurt us for him to do this. It puts us in a club we never wanted to be in?

You are a mentor! I wonder why the email replies went to my junk mail? I’m not sure I’m using this right ? I was surprised to see the replies I got. I hope I haven’t missed any. Thank you very much