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Lidocaine IV infusions to treat fibromyalgia

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@debstinydogs, I also add my welcome to @lioness'. @lioness, what was your experience with getting the lidocaine treatments? Even though you got it for a different reason, the experience of getting the treatment may be similar. Is it the same for you as @debstinydogs in that it may take a few injections/time to start working?

@debstinydogs, if you are comfortable sharing, have you tried any other management options for fibromyalgia?

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I’ve only been diagnosed since Feb 2019, but have tried:
1. Gabapentin/neurontin 600 mg 3x’s a day. I don’t feel this really helped me and made me unable to come up with words or thoughts.
2. Hot Epsom Salt Baths: I find this really helps. I have a jetted tub, which is a plus. I sit in there for about 45-60 min. I add 2 cups of Epsom salts.
3. Magnesium Malate supplements, after a magnesium blood test tested low, which I’m told is quite common in fibro patients (that’s why the Epsom salts in the bath often helps) my Dr told me the malate version is the best to take for nerve/fibro pain and best for bioavailability.
4. I take a joint exercise class in a local hospital rehab pool. It’s 92 degrees. I do what I can, which some days isn’t much, and usually feel great afterward.
5. I’ve tried different CBD oils sublingually. It helped with general aches and pains, but didn’t help fibro pain. Some claim great success with this.
6. I’ve tried topical cbd creams - no help
7. I just started lyrica, even though I really didn’t want to because of what I hear about side effects, but had some really bad days and caved. It’s only been a week so initial dose is very low. Too soon to tell.
8. Went to a pain clinic and got some (7) Norco after filling out enough paperwork to choke a horse. Had to pee in a cup. Doesn’t matter, It didn’t help my pain anyway. Just made me tired.
9. Made an appt to see a pain psychologist. Haven’t gone yet.
10. Use ice bags sometimes, but heatings pads much more. I also use a heated mattress pad.
11. I wear wrist/hand splints at night when my wrists hurt (which is a lot!) Much less pain if I can’t bend them. Got the splints at Walgreens. Made by Futuro.
Still considering the lidocaine infusions. I want to hear from someone who has done them.
I’m searching everyday for something to help. I really hope something is developed to help with the fatigue and flu-ish feelings. I could sleep all day about 3-4 days a week.
I haven’t tried diet changes yet.
I hope some of this can help someone else.