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dorothynoz45 (@dorothynoz45)

Pain around pacemaker site

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hello dorothy,
I definitely agree with the answers, you got.. I got my two chamber pacemaker 17 months ago. I had a check after 11 months. I was told everything o.k. At that moment they did not an echocardiography, otherwise they should have noticed that I was NOT o.k. I was developing a heart failure. I knew that I had a lot of A-Fib's (nothing to worry about, I was reassured).40 percent of the recipients have A-Fibs.)
These A-Fib's induced a ventricular arrhythmia. , leading to the heart failure. Like you it was very difficult to get an appointment. The nurse only found a date in MAY!!! So I had to wait 4 months. My family doctor got an earlier date. I had to wait ONLY 2 weeks. Honestly said, I was an emergency. I learned that a pacemaker can also cause problems or complications, so do not hesitate !!!
I did not have your discomfort around the site of implantation. In this context maybe an interesting tip (not for you). I am left handed, I was sedated before the implantation . The cardiologist did not discuss or explain, what he intended to do. otherwise I would have asked him to implant the device at the right site. a couple of weeks ago I had an unpleasent experience, I washed my curtains and put them back on the rails( correct american?), of course with my left hand. Afterwards I had a long period of irregular heart beats,( one hour.).
I hope you will get an answer soon.

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@yoanne Thank you for sharing your experiences with a pacemaker. You have proven how important it is for patients to advocate for themselves and seek another opinion and/or to go to an ER if needed.