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Hi Becky,
I haven’t been doing very well. Actually I was admitted to the hospital last night. I have a “Huge kidney stone. I’m waiting to have surgery. So my back pain wasn’t from lifting my Mom. My previous 5 kidney stone symptoms never started in my back before. Then it moved to my groin where it’s always been in the past, that’s when I knew what the problem was. My brother hired an agency to take care of my Mom. My cousin is visiting and my brother and a friend also come by. I’m concerned no one will work on her hand and arm while I’m gone. But I’m sure they will kick me out of here soon. The doctor gave her orders to walk in for her appointment in October.

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@jakedduck1 I’m so sorry to hear that you’re not well and in the hospital. Bad luck. I’m glad your brother is able to help and hired an agency. Maybe you can use them for a couple days a week once you get home. You will really need to rest for awhile. I’m sending big hugs and words of encouragement! P.S. Since someone else is cooking, how is the food? Becky

@jakedduck1 I hope surgery went well and you’re keeping the nurses entertained! Take care and rest when you get home. Promise?

Thinking of you @jakedduck1. I have had kidney stones too. Not fun.

@jakedduck1 You picked a strange way to get a break from caring for your mother! But really I hope you are feeling better tonight. I had a kidney stone many years ago and it was simply no fun. My dad was prone to them. Guess you will be needing to drink more cranberry juice, huh? Seriously you need to consider having someone come in to spell you to take some of the stress away from caring for your mom all the time. You know that she will appreciate it when you are caring for her again since you get to wait on her hand and foot. Not so sure the others will be doing the same.

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