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I think all this bad luck comes my way because I eventually manage to handle it. Although there seems to be a lot of bellyaching along the way. My tire situation cost $1200.
Now she can’t stand. Very hard to transfer now.
Some good news though, I asked for occupational therapy for her arm, hand & wrist and it was denied twice but I persevered and heard yesterday we lost our first appeal but won our second appeal so she has appointment Monday afternoon. I will try and get her more physical therapy then. As it stands now I can’t get her in the car. We will probably have to take a wheelchair taxi. Her doctor is being a jerk. He ordered OT that was denied them refused to order it but the therapist got him to reorder it. I thought doctors were suppose to help patients. He won’t give me prescriptions for some equipment either. I’m willing to pay for it myself so I can’t understand his reasoning.
I’m off to dermatologist now. No more bad news I hope.

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@jakedduck1 I’m so glad you got an appointment with OT! They can help with so much! Does your area have a transportation program for seniors? Look into that. Also, ask the OT if she recommends help with lifting and moving your mother. She can maybe make a professional recommendation to the doctor. Ask if a “Hoyer lift would be helpful. It’s a sling-type chair that helps lift a person from bed to chair and back again. Easy to use, safe, and saves your back. Let us know how the appointment goes, will you?

@jakedduck1 I remember you mentioning that your mother had an OT appointment this past Monday. How did it go? Did you learn anything to help both of you? Let us know!