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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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My tip re: Bruder mask for MGD. I order a cheaper brand that they make from Amazon, it is only nine dollars and called Thermalon. I also cut off the straps so I can lay back and press/mold the beads right onto every bit of my eyelid. The last Eye Dr. I went to seemed quite impressed and agreed this was a good method and kind of implied she would be passing it on to her patients. When they put one on me at the office, strapping it to the back of my head, it seemed to mainly heat my cheekbones more than anything because the beads tend to settle downwards, I prefer to lay almost flat on my couch. I use this one to two times per day, but definitely not a cure all. Plus omega-3, plus drops, plus blink exercises…

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Thanks for mentioning eye blink exercises. Sometimes when I do not have dry eye med with me and I get a "dry eye" attack (?) I resort to eye blinks and feel they help when in a jam (excessive tearing). It can take up to 5/ 10 minutes before I can open/use my eyes again. Dr. said I need to take drops EVERY DAY – SEVERAL TIMES PERHAPS to prevent this excessive tearing. My approach w/ meds is usually 'less is more' – but I think I am wrong about that. My situation is improved since I use drops (no preservatives) daily now. But if I use too many drops they sting and it takes several minutes to clear up. Lots of management with dry eye. QUESTION: DR. SAYS USE AS MANY DROPS AS I WANT. WOULDN'T THIS SOMEHOW CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO EYES? DO THE EYES BECOME DEPENDENT ON DROPS?

Thank you for your post. I have 2 masks so that I can wash one and let it dry for a few days before using again. I'll look on Amazon next time.