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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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Yes, dry eyes are a problem, but there are many ways to help yourself at home as well as some new physician procedures. First, any eye drops that have preservatives dry your eyes out more! That means that most OTC drops will aggravate dry eyes instead of helping. I have been using Retaine MGD for several years, and a single use vial lasts for several drops/day. Oasis is also a good drop. I have glaucoma, a precipitating factor in dry eye syndrome, and have even gone to preservative free glaucoma drops. I use lid scrubs daily and agree with you that the warm eye mask is very beneficial in stimulating the meibomian glands. Another important consideration is to not have air blowing on your eyes, which is quite a task since I live in FL and everything is air conditioned to the max - sigh! I hope sharing information will be of value to others who are dealing with dry eyes. Best Regards, Ashby 1947.

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@ashby1947 I have dry eyes,glucoma and macular degeneration. The eye Dr. gave me samples of Systein compltere its the newest one in Systien it really works and I have cut down on the number of drops from 6 a day to only 3 .

I have discovered sunglasses when I am out in moving air as well as an eyemask while sleeping help a lot. I use systane liquid tears, PM ointment at night and RX for Pataday. Rinse my eyes out when I come in from outside.

I have dry eyes and glaucoma in Both eyes and agree. I have a convertible car but putting the top down really affects my eyes and so does wind and air conditioning that blows on my face.

Warm compress and serum eye drops help me

I just learned that ceiling fans can dry out your eyes and I have the sharper image eyelid heat pad that keeps the eyelid inflammation in check. I put it on twice a day fir 10 minutes and more often when I have an inflammation.