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How do you deal with dry eyes?

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I had cataract surgery in one eye. I elected not to have same ophthalmologist do the other eye because my new eye now has a pupil larger than in the other eye (I think from stretching during surgery) and I have a very slight eyelid droop (again from a tool he used). He told me he had trouble dilating my eye prior to surgery (but later on, he denied he said that ?!?). THE GOOD NEWS IS MY DISTANCE VISION HAS DEFINITELY IMPROVED and the surgery was not painful. But, with regard to your question on dry eyes - I use a computer daily for many hours. I use drops (Systane and others). But what I want to mention is the BRUDER EYE PADS. The Dr. suggested them and I find them to be very good. The mask (eye pads) has granules in it; you put it in the microwave for 14 seconds. Then (it cannot be TOO HOT) put them over you eyes for 5 minutes. I think they help and I believe the heat opens the tiny blood vessels in your eyelid which simulates tears. (NOW, I MAY NOT HAVE EXPLAINED THat CORRECTLY, BUT I DO THINK THEY HELP). Best wishes, "GolfandTennis".

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@tennisgolf Sorry to hear about your experience, I also suffer from dry eyes and as you, they got worse after cataract surgery. I use herbal tea bags warmed in water, and I find them very soothing. All the best, Isabel

Thank you @tennisgolf

Yes, dry eyes are a problem, but there are many ways to help yourself at home as well as some new physician procedures. First, any eye drops that have preservatives dry your eyes out more! That means that most OTC drops will aggravate dry eyes instead of helping. I have been using Retaine MGD for several years, and a single use vial lasts for several drops/day. Oasis is also a good drop. I have glaucoma, a precipitating factor in dry eye syndrome, and have even gone to preservative free glaucoma drops. I use lid scrubs daily and agree with you that the warm eye mask is very beneficial in stimulating the meibomian glands. Another important consideration is to not have air blowing on your eyes, which is quite a task since I live in FL and everything is air conditioned to the max - sigh! I hope sharing information will be of value to others who are dealing with dry eyes. Best Regards, Ashby 1947.

My tip re: Bruder mask for MGD. I order a cheaper brand that they make from Amazon, it is only nine dollars and called Thermalon. I also cut off the straps so I can lay back and press/mold the beads right onto every bit of my eyelid. The last Eye Dr. I went to seemed quite impressed and agreed this was a good method and kind of implied she would be passing it on to her patients. When they put one on me at the office, strapping it to the back of my head, it seemed to mainly heat my cheekbones more than anything because the beads tend to settle downwards, I prefer to lay almost flat on my couch. I use this one to two times per day, but definitely not a cure all. Plus omega-3, plus drops, plus blink exercises…

I've listened to a site from 2 ophthalmologists.... they say Dry Eyes actually comes from blocked (Mobian ?) glands... they secret OIL all along and just inside both eyelids.
look into that ...... ( Ithink that is where your getting the benefits of the Bruder Eye Pads.. It helps loosen the blocked oil glands.... there are from 25-30+ along each eyelid.....but if they have already atrophied or started to, you'll need more help.

@tennisgolf. I'm a member of the Dry Eye Club too. I've had GCA since March of 2019, went blind in one eye (Optic Neuropathy) as one of the many results of that nasty autoimmune disease. I've had three cataract surgeries, and use Systane eye drops x 4 daily, plus Monoprost eye drops (gel) Rx once daily at bedtime to control the ongoing development of glaucoma. I also had a laser procedure (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty - "SLT") in March, which had a 50/50 chance to relieve or lower the eye pressure, but it wasn't successful.
My last appointment with the eye specialist was a happy one, in that she was very pleased that the eye pressure numbers have remained stable on that eye drop regime. I see her every three months to keep close watch on it, since it's so important not to lose the sight in my other eye.

Sharper Image has an eye pad that you plug in and after you select the preferred heat level you leave on for your 10 minutes or more or less.

I have dry eyes and was recommended to get the eye pads, sort of a warm compress on the eyes. Then you are to massage the eyelid and under the eye gently to encourage oils (I didn't even know eyes had oils before this) to come out. The heating supposedly helps the oil liquefy and drain better. It works and feels so good!