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anyone use compression sleeves on their calves?

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Constant, the burn just keeps burning sometimes it is more intense and I just don't know why,food,water,drugs,shoes,walk,stand,sit,the burn is there!!

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@notborntoburn, @lisalucier Good afternoon. First a question….is the "burn" just in your calves? Unfortunately, mine covers my entire abdomen and sometimes reaches up to my ribcage and down through the pelvic area and top of my legs. I only wear a compression quizmo on my knee when I have to walk much farther than to my car. Standing increases the burn in the knee. So, I look for a chair anywhere I go. With regular Myofascial Release massage (MFR) on the knee, the abdomen, and the pelvic area, I have less burn during the day. I seldom have the 5:30 am burn that used to wake me up every day. I did have it this morning but that is unusual so I have to reflect on my bedtime medications and my daytime activities yesterday. Usually, I wake about 8 and lie in bed reading the news until 9:30 so that the burn can recede and I can begin my day. If I do get up earlier I pay the price and my daytime activities are limited. So….now the nighttime meds…… gabapentin, nortriptyline, and medical marijuana, including a 3:1 topical and a 2:1 tincture. During the day, duloxetine for anxiety about the pain and medical marijuana to keep it at bay (both tincture and topical). This is where I am today….and it has been a journey….with changes in the pain, its intensity, and location and in the medications I find helpful as new ones are tried or become available to try. Hope this helps. The resident expert for MFR is @jenniferhunter. Perhaps she can offer you some other options or reinforce my interpretations better. Be safe today and free of suffering. Chris