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Triggers for caregivers

Caregivers | Last Active: Oct 22, 2019 | Replies (53)

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Triggers! Wow! Yes I’ve had a few now. My husband was treated at the Mayo with CAR T therapy for lymphoma. It was a last resort which I’m happy to say has been successful thus far. He had some pretty awful side effects and was in ICU twice. They gave him steroids while in ICU when it was really bad. Now that he is home he has had monthly IVIG infusions. Well he had a reaction to the infusion and had to be given a steroid. Well who would have thought that would do it? Not immediately but later that evening I started shaking and fell to pieces. He was sleeping away from all the meds totally unaware which I was happy about. But I have had a hard time since then. Even the mention of steroids can cause a panic. Now I know you asked what people do and what I have found helpful is a meditation app. Sounds silly but 10 minutes of listening to a soothing voice and the other things calms me right down. It is getting better but I imagine there will be more triggers.

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Hi @grannybrenda I was happy to read the CAR T therapy has been successful for your husband! The leaps made in medicine are truly astounding! Wonderful to see therapies that just a short time ago were considered experimental now basically mainstream! Should give us all hope about what miracle might be around the next corner in research departments worldwide!

I will have to look into one of those meditation apps for sure. Amazing what all they have put into an app these days!

Now if i could just find an app that would feed the dog for me 🙂

@grannybrenda, you mention that you continue to have a challenging time, even though the medical crisis is now passed. Did I understand that correctly? It's as if, now that you are no longer full tilt in action with caregiving, you're subconscious is registering what you went through. Would that be a fair interpretation? I'm not a professional, but that makes complete sense to me. I can also see where meditation would help bring you back to the here and now, where things are okay.

Mindfulness is often bandied about these days, but I think mindfulness exercises can help to keep us focus on the moment. Dr. Benzo has produced some nice mindful breathing videos that you can see here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/mindfulness-in-health/tab/resource-58/

Which meditation apps have you found helpful?