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The Mindfulness and Health Blog is a space to share science, ideas and practical experiences about how the practice of mindfulness relates to health (personal balance). The blog content is meant to be simple so it can be applied in real life – right here, right now. The blog is not intended to create back and forth responses, nor to give specific “right” answers, but rather to create conditions for people to practice and experience hands-on if what we offer works to improve their health.


Mindful Breathing Lab Videos:


Interview with Dr. Benzo: impressions about life, work, and the practice of meditation in the real world.


Mindful Movement: Dr. Roberto Benzo provides a brief description of movement meditation.


Mindful Movement: Practice some very (very) simple movements alongside Dr. Roberto Benzo to provide presence, foster attention, stability, and balance.


Stillness Practice - Learn about standing and sitting meditation practice with Dr. Roberto Benzo.

Mindful Breathing Lab: audio files

  • 10 breath practice introduction: about the ten breath practice.
  • 10 breath practice: a guided practice.
  • What is mindfulness - tips for the journey: a brief introduction to mindfulness.
  • Body scan: a guided meditation focused on the body.
  • Mindful standing yoga practice: a simple guided yoga practice from a beginner practitioner.
  • Mindfulness meditation on the breath: a guided meditation on the breath.
  • Mindfulness meditation on the body: a guided meditation on the body.
  • Mindfulness meditation on sounds, thoughts, and emotion: a guided meditation focused on common events that make us frequently unhappy - our thoughts and emotions.
  • 3-minute mindful breathing for the daily journey: a short guided meditation for the middle of the day.

Additional Resources: The Journey into Mindfulness

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