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John, Volunteer Mentor (@johnbishop)

Sleeping with Pets: Is it healthy?

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@johnbishop– I read a similiar article some time ago and passed it on to a few friends that I know do this.
I've had dogs for pets ever since I was young kid, but never got to that point of having them sleep in my bed or even in my room.
I love these wonderful companions, but sleeping with them is where I draw the line.
I totally get it in many cases, but the article points out several things to consider.
I have some friends that have 4 labs and the dogs often sleep in their bed with them. I know they have a king, but please, this seems a bit over the top!
I don't think he owns a jacket that isn't always covered with dog hair!
No wonder that pets represent a multi billion $ industry in this nation!
OK, I'll step off my stool now 🙂 Jim @thankful

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Hi Jim @thankful, We have a queen size bed and my wife likes to cuddle with the kitty too but the kitty not so much ☺ She's always on top of the blanket though so I can flip her off the bed in a heart beat if I hear any hairball noise. Fortunate that it doesn't happen very often. Mine is almost like a small dog. Even taught her how to play fetch but she won't play very long. I do have 3 extra quilts that get changed/washed quite often so that's a downside for me. I did have to put her in kitty jail when I came back from the knee replacement surgery so that she wasn't on our bed for a few weeks to prevent infections, etc..

You are correct about the $$ spent. I'm patiently waiting for a kitty passing because smart as I am, I know I won't get another one and my daughter is grown and out of the house so will not be bringing any new ones for dad to take care of when she no longer can keep it.

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