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Loss of adult child to brain cancer

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Hello my name is Danielle…. I lost my 10 years old daughter Danica 1-28-19 to PXA brain tumor/cancer. It’s been very hard to live and go through this pain 💔😭

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Hi Danielle. It is the most painful thing imaginable. I am so sorry for your loss of your precious daughter. I watched my son as we cut the umbilical cord and I watched as he took his last breath in hospice at age 28 on April 17th, 2019. Derek was in 82nd Airborne, served our country in the Army for 9 years, got out and was enrolled to start his music career on January 7th. But everything went crashing down on December 12, 2018. Suddenly a massive tumor in his brain. After 3 brain surgeries, a feeding tube and 6 weeks of grueling radiation, the cancer throughout his brain and spine were gone. Only to all come back in weeks and took him. He never left the hospital or walked again, he went into hospice on April 10th. I have found some comfort with grief counselors and much support from Compassionate Friends group, all parents who lost their precious child. They are a national organization with chapters in many states. I am learning that I have to somehow carry this grief all of my days of my life, it is hell and I am so sorry for all of us and our precious loved ones who had to endure this monster called cancer. 💔💔🙏🏻🙏🏻

Danielle, So very sorry. Why do these things happen? They say ‘pray’ but does that really help?
Here’s my recent story (sorry its lengthy)……bless you.
I just returned from our girls week at 8pm on June 2 and talked to my husband about what fun our daughter and I had that week. Every year I visit her for girls week. At 6:15am that very next morning our son in law called us. We immediately, in shock packed and drove to Ohio ( we live in SC). Our daughter didnt make it to the hospital. I still cant believe shes gone. We are lost, empty and feel its all surreal.
Our daughter was generally fine, however she was taking Tamoxifin which has several bad side effects, worse of which is blood clots, which is what happened.
She was taking it for a year and her doctor only saw her twice. She also had other side effects, etc. I will write more later. We need help dealing. She was our only sweet child, a teacher and LOVED by everyone. She was amazing and was involved in many charities, projects, always giving, loving, helped everyone with anything, kind, people loved her.
We cant deal with this well; cant believe shes gone. We have no family here in SC (Hilton Head area). Not many friends ( they all work, we are retired) so its tough. Her school had a beautiful tribute to her by having a concert, a parade and candle-prayer Virgil. Hundreds of cards were received by us when we came home. I miss my sweet daughter so bad. We cry every day, just sick! Please help. My friend, Terri Martin who also belongs to Mayo Clinic Connect suggested I seek help with Mayo Clinic. Terri is wonderful!
Thank you.
Our daughter just “celebrated”
(July 28) her 15th Wedding Anniversary in Heaven. Yesterday, Aug 1 was her 46th birthday. Help!