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Need advice with heart issues

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My heart sometimes hurts really bad. This has been going on for the past 4-5 years (i am now 16.) The other day I was playing basketball, and I stay active and work out most days so moving around is not a rare occurrence, but my heart started beating insanely fast. I thought I was having a heart attack or that my heart was literally going to explode. It was extremely scary. I have asthma, but my breathing was fine; it was just my heart. I stopped and calmed down for a minute and it went back to normal, but I have been a lot more intensely active before and that has never happened. Could a doctor please answer this? It scares me that I may have a heart problem. When it first started back when I was 11-12, my mom took me to the doctor twice and they just said a muscle around my heart was growing, but they never did any tests and I never thought they were right about it but my mom belived them. Now at 16 and done growing, it still happens. Do any doctors know what this could be?

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Hi kenna0077

I doubt that any doctor would proffer an opinion regarding your situation on this forum. You don't say whether the doctor (or doctors?) whom you saw was a specialist. If s/he wasn't, I think that the only way of getting an opinion of value one way or another, and of hopefully having your mind put at rest, is by persuading your mom to take you to a recommended cardiologist for a series of standard tests. These are not invasive, so you have no cause to worry about them. On occasion, asthma is misdiagnosed and the real problem is a quite different breathing disorder – a type of pulmonary hypertension related to heart disease; but such misdiagnoses are unlikely to be frequent these days, I would guess, and a good cardiologist would soon tell you whether a non-specialist was right or wrong in this regard. Irregularities in heart rate can be benign or, especially if they are frequent and episodes are sustained, can point to cardiac disease. Here are some examples to illustrate the above points: One of my sons has asthma but has been cleared by a paediatrician of having any heart defect. In childhood I received diagnoses of "growing pains" and "bronchial asthma" and was found, after some years, to have a malformed heart requiring surgery. My granddad had diagnoses of "exercise-induced asthma" and then "persistent asthma" but the true problem was the pulmonary hypertension that I have referred to above. All three examples are of people who are or were physically very active. So, like the asthma and the isolated case of a racing heart rate, your level of physical activity will not indicate whether or not you have a cardiac issue. Your age would suggest that you are still at school and at the point where learning unavoidably brings stress. You will have enough to worry about without additional anxieties concerning the health of your heart. Have a good, calm talk to your mom about the advantages of getting cardiac testing done. I wish you the very best outcome.

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