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Need advice with heart issues

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Maybe it's a personality thing. When my Afib was wild…like all the time and meds were not working at all, I just carried on. It was kind of like that crazy expression, "It is what it is.". I was so busy with the kids and their activities and my business and getting meals on the table, that there was no time to worry. By nature, I am not a worrier. I actually enjoy things coming at me out of left field. For me life is fun.
As long as your condition is controlled and on top of that you are on blood thinners, there's nothing to worry about. You've done everything you can so there is no sense in perseverating about your condition. We are on this earth for such a short time, that we should be getting out and enjoying life and doing for others as much as we can. That's my philosophy. Look outward instead of inward. Embrace life! Maybe with a change in attitude, the wedding will be positive and fun. When I was at my all time worst, when the highest dose of beta blocker barely kept the beats even but that made me feels weak and tired, like I was 95 years old, I started to develop a psychological condition. My identity was that of 'a sick person'. I took on that role. I would ask my husband to do things for me that I could easily do before but that the drugs made me too tired to do. I became dependent which is that last thing I ever wanted. The way I had always thought of myself was as a strong, independent woman who could do anything I set my mind to. So this Afib changed me…or I let it change me. I think the condition is called something like 'victim syndrome'. Maybe a psychologist could help you deal with your anxiety and worry about your condition…which sounds well controlled.

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I can identify with that. That's how I feel. There is one woman here (I'd never met her before) that I've talked to that has afib, and she helped me cope when I first got diagnosed. She's older than I am, but has grandchildren also and like me, has to keep it together for their sake. But, I definitely fell into the helpless victim role and went inward. I still don't want to get out there and go to the group meetings that I used to go to because I have found so far that people expect me to be exactly who I was–very healthy. I told one of the group's leaders about my diagnosis and a couple hours she later asked me to do something (a small thing, but . . . ) for the group. It's like people don't know what it's like (it's just a heart condition after all, people get those all the time), and I get upset and withdraw. I need a little time to adjust to having a crazy, unpredictable heart and then I think I will be fine, but I hesitate to commit right now. Now, if I still had children at home and still worked, boy that would be tough. You CANNOT withdraw and go inside yourself. You can't take time to adjust and think about just you. Yeah, I don't know how I would handle that. I have to hand it to you ladies.

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