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Need advice with heart issues

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Hello @jadillow

I just now read the posts in this discussion group. In a recent post you said, " My Health anxiety is through the roof." If you feel that your cardiologist is giving you the right information and you do not need to seek a second opinion from another cardiologist, is it possible to get some treatment for your anxiety? There are meds as well as talk therapy that can certainly help with "health anxiety." This is something that a lot of us have dealt with from time to time and it is something that is treatable.

Will you talk with your PCP about the possibility of treating your anxiety?

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@hopeful33250 — GREAT advice Teresa!!
@jadillow — I too experienced a lot of anxiety following a brain injury. It was both a product of the brain injury and of the consequences of the injury. My neurologist prescribed an anti-anxiety med and Therapy — I improved dramatically! Without the "anxiety" interfering with the healing process, the side-effect of the concussion slowly improved. Now, after a few months, I can say that I am doing much better!