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Need advice with heart issues

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Ok I have also had random chest pains the past few days. Mostly in the left and then at times alon the ribs, both side of sternum under collar bone area. They did EKG as I was having these pains and didn’t find anything. My Health anxiety is through the roof 🙁

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The problem is, I can't reassure you, you need to pursue these things with your doctor. Ask him or her what would be a trigger point for you needing to go to the ER, I recently had focal chest pains, less than 5 minutes, near the sternum, thumb tip size, and I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow for that and asking if I'm OK on the Metoprolol or if I should be on something else. When I made the appointment, I thought I needed to change, but things have quieted down again, the afib that is, so I'm not so sure. Briefly looking online due to my own incident, I saw a medical article on non-Cardiac chest pains, they are an expensive and time consuming thing for the insurance and the medical industry.

They are also relatively common for some with afib. But even those people need to ask their doctor for specifics on when to be concerned, and even then, apply a little common sense and intuition.

Hello @jadillow

I just now read the posts in this discussion group. In a recent post you said, " My Health anxiety is through the roof." If you feel that your cardiologist is giving you the right information and you do not need to seek a second opinion from another cardiologist, is it possible to get some treatment for your anxiety? There are meds as well as talk therapy that can certainly help with "health anxiety." This is something that a lot of us have dealt with from time to time and it is something that is treatable.

Will you talk with your PCP about the possibility of treating your anxiety?

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