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Need advice with heart issues

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Ha ha! I do the same; I write down my questions and concerns and make 2 copies; one for myself and one for the doctor. I ask if he or she wants a copy.
I live in Canada. We go to the doctor or hospital; the secretary swipes the medicare card and that's it. Same goes for all procedures like MRIs or having a baby or whatever. As far as calling the doctor with questions; usually one is told to go in for an appointment. But if the question is for clarification and not something new, the doctor may call.
Our system is not functioning that well. Everyone has access to medical care but 1/3 of Montrealers for example, do not have a doctor. So we have to go to a clinic and wait for several hours. If it is something serious, you go to the emergency of a hospital and you are seen immediately. If you go to the hospital with the flu, you may wait for 6 hours because more serious cases come in ahead of you while you wait. Many immigrants go to hospital for minor illnesses.
I got fed up with having to wait for 3 hours to see a doctor (although I have specialists like a urologist and ENT whom I see…with a few weeks wait), and I joined a private clinic. It costs me $500 US per year; not a big deal. The care is same day, no wait and it's thorough. But the government is not that happy with private health care because it creates a 2 tier system; one for the 'rich' and one for everyone else.
I read that Americans spend way more on health care than any other country. I suspect because patients are very litigious in the US so a doctor will order every test in the book to cover his %$#@&. A missed diagnosis can cost the doctor dearly. My friend's mother had a cardiac catheterization but the doctor…and the staff at the hospital FORGOT to check what meds she was on…and one was a blood thinner and she bled to death. There was no lawsuit. I don't know that I would have been so forgiving. If you sue here for medical malpractice, you may get something but not that much. So I think maybe that is why we probably don't go for as many tests although any and all are available at no cost.
Are YOU okay with your heart rate being so low? You say you feel weak or faint. When I was on beta blockers my heart was at 80 bpm whether I was sleeping or on a treadmill.
Ciao for niao! Robin

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I feel ok. At times I feel the lightheadedness but that happens even when rate is normal.

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