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Need advice with heart issues

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So should I take 1/2 and try myself ? That would be 5 mg instead of 10

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My wife worked in several Doctor's Offices, Family, Pulmonary, and Cardiac practices. She wants to know if you're in the U.S., it's common to call your Doctor for advice. We keep in touch with ours through a medical insurance provider system, via email, we ask occasional questions, they reply or call, routine test results for Anticoagulation are given via the system, and we respond. The Doctors in our case are affiliated with the insurance provider.

I have Afib. When I was discharged, I was told by a hospital doctor that if my Heart Rate was 45 at rest, and I wasn't symptomatic, not to be concerned. If it was 160 and I wasn't symptomatic – Get to the Emergency Room.

Before the advent of Afib, my heart rate was in the mid 50's at rest. I'd express concern to another cardiologist at the time, he told me they have patients with Heart Rates in the 40s, it's no concern (he said).

I was taking a good amount of another Beta Blocker, after Afib started, and I'm now been taken off the original Beta Blocker and put on a new one, my pulse is 65 or higher.

See your doctor in a timely manner, write down questions that you have, ask him using the list. I often write them up and hand them to the doctor.

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