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Sleep without trazadone

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Sounds like you are doing a lot of good things to get off the meds! I had very bad insomnia due to anxiety/worry, and certain physical ailments. I tried trazadone for a couple weeks, but the horrible dry mouth/throat made me quit trazadone. I switched back to one pill of Xanax .25mg, which I tapered down to less than a pill a night, some nights only 1/4 of a pill, and still take it daily, anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 pill per day. As my sources of anxiety have decreased, my sleep has improved. One thing that helps greatly, is playing sleep meditation CD's at low volume, and having white noise from a fan etc. in the room. Some nights the CD's allow me to fall asleep for hours, and if I awake, and have trouble falling back asleep, that is when I take a piece of my Xanax pill. I believe anxiety/worry is the biggest source of my sleep issues, and that needs to always be addressed. You have to be careful with Xanax, since it is addictive. That is why I keep usage under 1 pill daily, when at all possible.

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I can fall asleep on 1/4 of a .1mg Xanax but scared to continue that route. I’m sure I’ll get addicted quickly & need more. What cd do you listen to?

@wigreenthumb Welcome to connect we care and help with our issues may help I've had trouble in the past sleeping but found drinking a cup of warm milk with cinnamon in it before bedtime I sleep better Milk has tryptophin in it just a suggestion