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CT lung cancer screening

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@joelars– Good morning. What an excellent question. My first lung cancer was in 1997. I have been having CT scans since then. I started out with the high doses and then it went to the low ones when they became available. I have been told that since I am such a high risk for more cancers (I've had 4 so far) I will be followed until there is no need. I do think that it depends on how much of a risk you are. I remember that you didn't have cancer but that there was an anomaly in your scan. Has that been resolved? Are you asking for a specific reason? How are you doing? Have you done any of the breathing exercises yet?

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thank you for asking. My "peripheral infiltrate" was interpreted by my doctor as a viral infection-the result of my pneumonia. My pneumonia has resolved ( I had blood and urine tests last week) He said it could take a few months for the infiltrate to resolve completely after pneumonia. My repeat x-ray is scheduled for mid may. Fortunately I feel fully recovered , as my lab work indicates. I called my medical provider to find out if they covered low dose ct scans for cancer screening-they don't unless my doctor deems it a medical necessity. I turn 65 in January. I wonder if Medicare or Medicare advantage plans pay for them, does anyone know? If not I will pay out of pocket. Can you tell me the frequency of your CT scans?

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