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Keeping the mind and the body moving

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Just a suggestion. Visiting others, especially if they live alone, and learning about them and their lives is very interesting I have found. I meet a bunch of elderly gentlemen every Thursday for coffee at a seniors residence where they have started having staff visiting.
each of their residents once a week. Even people living in these residents often don't get to know others or get involved in any of the activities they have. Obviously some do appreciate this and some don't and some just need a little urging to break the ice initially. I am pursuing this further looking for ways to enhance peoples lives.
As well, I wear a Blaze Fitbit for tracking primarily my steps but it also tracks my sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, and several other items which come in very handy for records as to how I am doing as I work on changing from a long time, very sedentary lifestyle to a healthy one including physical activity, nutrition, mental state and my green environment efforts. I also has a timer on it to remind me to stand up and move around at least once every hour. This watch was fairly expensive but they have a number of other styles with more limited options that do not cost as much.

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I thought of getting once of those watches because my granddaughter is motivated by hers, but I still am not up to speed enough to make it useful for me. If I only saw low numbers it would discourage me. My progress from my back surgery is slow, but I planted 40 strawberries today, and enjoyed digging the holes. The soil was perfect. I also cleaned a flower bed. It is a start and I am temporarily inspired to plant onions tomorrow. It feels wonderful to be able to touch the ground, leaning on a walking stick. I should send a photo to my surgeon because I don't think he expected that to ever happen. He didn't recommend any therapy. Dorisena

Does the Blaze Fitbit do the blood pressure well when you use it? I read reviews on the web that said the blood pressure does not work half the time, and I need to report mine to the doctor as he is insisting I take more medicine which drugs me too much to stay alert and drive. I only take one of the three required pills at bedtime. This week my blood pressure is 127/60 on the first check so something is working better, especially my attitude. I think it may be because I changed churches to avoid a couple of issues from toxic people that weren't being addressed. Presto! Good blood pressure. I have retired from dealing with toxic people, especially in the church. If I have more problems in the future, I will become a recluse. I found that shut-ins are treated well in some cases. It's a plan. Dorisena