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Keeping the mind and the body moving

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Thanks for being here to remind me. I live alone and even sent the cat to my daughter's because he was always underfoot and I thought I might fall. I talk to myself and think it is very therapeutic. You are the only one I admit it to, though. Ha Ha. The dog is outside but I speak to her every day. She only complains because I go back into the house. She announces visitors but I can't hear her in the house. I should get a job and talk to people. But I like communicating with friends on this site. Together we will do great things before we are finished here. And hopefully someone will remember our contributions to life.

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Just a suggestion. Visiting others, especially if they live alone, and learning about them and their lives is very interesting I have found. I meet a bunch of elderly gentlemen every Thursday for coffee at a seniors residence where they have started having staff visiting.
each of their residents once a week. Even people living in these residents often don't get to know others or get involved in any of the activities they have. Obviously some do appreciate this and some don't and some just need a little urging to break the ice initially. I am pursuing this further looking for ways to enhance peoples lives.
As well, I wear a Blaze Fitbit for tracking primarily my steps but it also tracks my sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, and several other items which come in very handy for records as to how I am doing as I work on changing from a long time, very sedentary lifestyle to a healthy one including physical activity, nutrition, mental state and my green environment efforts. I also has a timer on it to remind me to stand up and move around at least once every hour. This watch was fairly expensive but they have a number of other styles with more limited options that do not cost as much.