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Smart watch to monitor heart

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nene22. – Apple watches & phones are costly but good from what I read. I bought a Kardia Moble last year. About $90. Simple, accurate, works with my Android. No additional fees. Takes a 60 sec, single lead ekg. Analyzes average BPM with graph & reports: Normal, Afib ,Tachycardia. Two fingers on a small pad to run. Rated 97% accuracy. Was using often and got hell from my doc saying was causing anxiety which is a known afib trigger. Now I use once a month or so for assurance am still in Normal sinus rhythm since don't feel afib. Can usually tell with pluse but the Kardia is re-assuring. Can send to your doc and options for lot of other features, with added fees. I find the basic test meets my needs. Good basic inexpensive device that works well.

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@elwood.. I have a Kardia too and I love it. It sends me a reminder. I showed it to my cardiologist and he approves. When my son in law had afib he emailed the results to his doctor. He no longer has afib after an operation but he still uses it periodically. It's a very inexpensive and good device to have. I also have a fitbit charger which tracks my steps and heart rate. I think I may upgrade that to the new Versa later in the year.

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