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Post Ablation Recovery – Need Help!!

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Hi im not sure if this my help but i had ventricular tachcardia not afib yours is more the upper heart where mine was the lower heart. But i have been thru many ablations and i was always told that the ablation alone will bring on arrythmyias but usually only for a few days and the ones i got usually weren't the bad ones that i needed the ablation for. Also at least i believe that worry doesn't help i think it helped bring them on. So after seeing a counselor she taught me some tricks to try and basically tell yourself they are not real. But i know with my drs if i was really concerned it did not bother them to address my concerns. I even had a portal that i could text message them and they would answer any questions i had within a day or so. I hope that helps

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Hi danab……….wow! Your type of arrhythmia is pretty scary but it sounds like they've got a good handle on it. Your words meant a lot to me because you are so calm and I really need to learn how to do that. That I have panic disorder makes it harder, but when you can still reach out to other people who are afraid, you give me courage. Thank you so much and I hope your heart is soon 100% better!