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happyat76 (@happyat76)

pain with sleep apnea

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Hello @happyat76 — I like you member name. I will be sort of happy at 76 the end of next month. I have sleep apnea but have not experienced pain like you described in the breastbone area. I did find some information on Mayo Clinic's site that I think is describing what you are feeling.


There is another discussion here on Connect that you may want to read through and post questions to other members who have experienced similar symptoms. @merpreb, @shshank_gaurv, @grandmar and @virtuous69 may be able to provide some suggestions from their experience.

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Welcome! I also like your member name!!
I do not have Costochondritis (and never heard of it), but I did have sleep apnea.
I did not have breastbone pain from the apnea. Mostly, I was just tired ALL the time, but that too could have been from other ailments., t
I had weight loss surgery and when I lost about 20 lbs., the apnea went away.
I hope you find an answer to your pain!
Ronnie (GRANDMAr)

Hello John,
Thanks for your advice and input on my chest pain. I am glad you like my name. It is what I strive to be every single day of my life. I for sure will check out the sites you have mentioned to me to look at. I hope I find some info there.