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@jenniferhunter I actually talked to my doctor about that being the culprit today, and she seemed to think it wasn’t related. She thought this because I don’t have any actual breathing issues, as that probably would’ve irritated my lungs more than anything. Also, I don’t have an active sore throat. What I mean by that is… when I’m just sitting and doing nothing, my throat feels absolutely fine. Its not raw or scratchy at all. It’s only when I swallow that my tonsils (and sometimes ears) feel like they’re being stabbed. They insist it’s just drainage, but this is just SO painful and lengthy. I’m having a hard time believing it. I was tested again for strep today, and again it came back negative. I’ve also had four doctors tell me two different things: two say sinus drainage, two say virus. What am I supposed to think? And once again, if it is a virus… why wouldn’t the pink eye be VIRAL? It was definitely bacterial. I keep worrying that I need antibiotics and I’m not being given the proper treatment. It hurts SO bad, and taking Tylenol all the time for the pain makes me anxious. I don’t want to take too much for too long. It barely takes the edge off anyway. But I am coughing less! So maybe it is a virus I’m slowly getting over. I don’t know. The pain is just so severe that it makes me fret, and my mind needs some rest. I’m just fed up.

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@brdwybaby Sinus drainage does cause a lot of ear pain, and maybe it is a sinus infection. You could take an expectorant like Mucinex (or the generic) to thin the mucus. Another suggestion is a sinus rinse bottle and saline, but if you're clogged and that fluid goes into the Eustacian tubes by your ears and doesn't drain, that will hurt. One thing that has helped me a lot with sinus and chest infections was an antibiotic ointment, Mupiroicin (generic) or Bactroban (brand name), that I got from Mayo as a preventative when I had my spine surgery. It was to kill off staff infections to prevent complications, and they had me put a pea sized glob in each nostril twice a day. I tried that for a sinus infection since I had this and it worked. I also had repeating chest infections because I was accumulating too much phlegm in my lungs from allergies, and this worked for that too. My doctor gave me a prescription so I always have this available. You could ask your doctor about that. It's a topical antibacterial ointment for skin. Another thing that might help which I've done, is to inhale steam from a vaporizer or sinus vapor mask and put a drop of oil of oregano in it, so that mixes with the steam. Be careful being too close to the steam so you don't burn the inside of your nose and lungs and the oregano vapor stings a bit, but you can put a towel over your head to collect it around you. Oil of oregano is antibacterial, but don't try to put that in your nose. You can try a cold pack on your forehead which would help shrink swollen sinus membranes if that is the cause. It's no fun being sick, but hang in there.

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