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…do we ever go back to doctors and discuss that they said: you'll be happy with the outcome/surgery/whatever"….?
It's like someone slapping us in the face and we say "thank you."
I have always been a bit nervous around medical professionals and don't really say what is on my mind. Did this surgeon apologize to you? Why give a patient false hope?
It really bothers me when people criticize me or someone else for checking "anything" on Google or other web browsers. We know that it is not all factual; that basically anyone can put anything on Internet. But were it not for Internet, my not having a doctor, by having symptoms I can check before deciding whether or not to go to a clinic….I believe I am able to sort out the trusted sites and decide. And with access to sites even doctors use!!
Years ago I had a big book … Reader's Digest Medical Book forget the title and it actually listed symptoms of cancer of the cervix, which I had.. and my doctor said it was "hygiene" (I kid you not); next doctor said on examining me: "I can't see anything" … and by the time it was diagnosed, tumour was size of apple or small orange…. (1985) yet I was still afraid to speak up!!
Had I had a site similar to this , or even a computer, things would have been so different and I might have been diagnosed earlier and had less intense treatment. There are such great sites, such as this, on Internet.. so Dr.Google, I salute you!

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Well said, Lacy! I did speak up in my case but the doctors covered for each other. I, also, went to another retinal specialist for a 2nd opinion and he arrogantly said, “how can I comment on the other doctor’s surgery when I wasn’t there!” I think doctors typically do this and protect each other.

Nonetheless, my retelling my story and complaining about doctors and surgical results is just a cautionary tale for the group. No matter how simple or low risk you believe a procedure to be, don’t go forward till you educate yourself as well as possible on the risks. Also, as hard as it can be, hunt down the best doctors and surgeons you can. Even with all my recent problems with this left eye, I DO THINK that the vitreoretinal surgeon did a good job with my FOV and I’m hopeful that the vision will be, at least, pretty good for a few years anyway!

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