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How to reduce my events while using my Cpap

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@johnbishop– Those look handy, but I don't seem to have any problems with my method. As long as you have space between the mattress and bottom of headboard (or if your headboard is low you could go over the top) to run the hose it has worked well for me.
I sleep on both sides and back and rarely have issues.
One thing I've been noticing for awhile now is when I have higher a AHI score I often have happy faces showing on my display then when the display shows mask leak my AHI scores are lower? Wondering if there is something to this?
Happy Zzzz's Jim@thankful

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Hi Jim @thankful, I used to run mine over the top of my headboard but we got a different bed and it doesn't have a headboard although I may have to get one. We bought a Ghostbed with 2 Twin XL frames that slide together so we can have twin adjustable mattresses. It's nice when I need to elevate my feet and head and the wife likes the raised head a little for TV.

My display on my Dreamstation has no happy faces 🙂. It only shows the AHI, Usage (hours), Mask Fit %. I don't think the mask fit numbers are too accurate on mine. Most of the time it is 100% with 99% once in awhile unless I have a really bad night. The AHI normally has been in the 2+ to 3+ range and then into the 5's to 7's if it's a bad night for some reason. I'm about to try the new ResMed Evora Nasal mask since the CPAPComfortCover.com folks sent me a cloth cover to see it it works. I tried the mask one night and put it back because the air pressure got to high (into the 14's – normally it runs 8 to 9.5 during the night but is set to run from 8 to 18 if needed). I think I didn't have the chin strap tight enough and started mouth breathing or my nose got plugged up which is common for me with my deviated septum. I use a cloth cover for my ResMed AirFit F20 full face mask and it really helps make it more comfortable although it leaks a little. My sleep doctor's PA told me a little leak doesn't hurt and not to worry about it.

Sleep well my friend!