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How to reduce my events while using my Cpap

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Hello @rfries, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I have been using a CPAP since July 31st, 2018 when I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. My sleep medicine doctor said the goal for me was to have fewer than 4 events per hour which is I think what you are saying….below 5 events per hour. I took a look at my first 60 days and it's probably similar to what you are going through now and I can relate to the frustration of trying to reach the goal of 4 events or fewer and maintain that level. I attached my first 60 days so you can see my struggle was similar (I think).

One thing that I have discovered that helps me is when I sleep on my side. My numbers go up dramatically when I'm sleeping on my back. I tend to do this a lot when my hip starts hurting and I turn to the other side and back and forth. Sometimes I end up sleeping on my back for awhile due to the pain in my hips. Another thing that I found that affects my numbers are the mask. If it's not comfortable, it adds one more thing in the mix. Here's some information I found that may give you some things to try.

How to Improve Your AHI Score Overnight: https://www.cpap.com/blog/good-ahi-score/

@alanbruce @thankful and other members may have some suggestions for you also.

Is your CPAP mask comfortable?

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That's a terrific reply and I thank you. I did go to that site and it's good also. The part that I want to follow-up on is the sleep position. From what you've said it makes sense that I stay off my back – period. Any tips on how? When I wake I am on my side and I don't know when I am on my back. My sciatica rolls me around a lot. I am a 79 year old male. Use pillows as wedges to prevent rolling over? Sleep propped up at 30 degrees? I think my hybrid mask is probably comfy enough. Is it worthwhile to invest in a pillow having one corner cut off so that the mask rests on nothing?

@rfries– I have been using a C-pap for over 20 years and many who follow this subject on Mayo here me say over & over that the mask is the most important. Because I am more of a mouth breather when I sleep idealy I've been told a full face mask would be the most beneficial, but after trying at least 6 different masks I was experiencing high leakage in all that I tried. The sleep tech seemed to think that I had what she called a "tweener" problem in that my face was in between sizes. Well anyway I have been using nasal masks for most of all these years and have found the Fisher Paykel Eson 2 nasal mask works well for me. In addition I use the Respironics deluxe chin strap which stays in place most nights and keep just enough resistance to mouth breathing.
My AHI #'s rarely exceed 3, but I still seem to have more often a mask leak (red unhappy face) noted on my machine display anywhere from 2-12. Generally my overall score is approx. 85. When I spoke to my sleep doctor about this he seems to minimize this because of the good AHI score that I continuely are getting.
Something I would like to bring up and ask all C-pap users is how they drape the hose to their mask?
It seems all the pictures, video's, etc. that I've seen always show the hose coming from below the head.
I've always pulled the hose up behind the headboard of my bed and have the hose come over my head.
For me that keeps the hose out of the way when I am sleeping?
Happy Zzzz's Jim @thankful