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How to reduce my events while using my Cpap

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Hi, @alanbruce@thankful @johnhans and @johnbishop may also have some thoughts about your events while using a CPAP going up to 8 or 9 for a day at times and how you might reduce your events.

@tanap1 – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm guessing that you also have a history of sleep apnea? If so, how have things gone with your treatment?

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If you decide to sleep on your side, make sure your head is part way off the side of the pillow so the face mask is not touching the pillow. Otherwise the pillow will push up on the mask, causing it to leak. Sleeping on your side is recommended. Make sure your mask is the proper size. Too small or too big can cause leakage. Be aware if you have an automated machine that switches on and off without you pushing a button, just putting the mask down with the mask facing down can cause the machine to think you are still wearing it and that it is leaking.

@lisalucier Thank you for the welcome! I personally don't have sleep apnea. I have been a registered sleep technologist for about 9 years. I run sleep studies and do PAP titrations when indicated. I speak from observation. When patients return with breakthrough symptoms it is often an issue with the mask. Either the mask is not the proper size, not tightened with a good seal, or there is oral breathing while using a nasal mask. Apneas, in general, tend to be worse during REM sleep and also while sleeping on your back. It is a possibility during the titration study, minimally REM or back sleeping was seen. It is also very important to note the original amount of apneas before treatment compared to the number after therapy. The goal of PAP therapy is a great improvement rather than "perfect"…if that makes sense.

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