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@fracturedd-Hello again- NSIP, Nonspecific interstitial pneumonia (NSIP) is a rare disorder that affects the tissue that surrounds and separates the tiny air sacs of the lungs. These air sacs, called the alveoli, are where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place between the lungs and the bloodstream. I'm so glad that you found a pulmonologist to diagnose your shortness of breath. What have you done to stop the shortness of breath? Are you one medications?
@cloe001,@bumble81 – Please read this about ground glass : Ground-glass opacity (GGO) is a radiological finding in computed tomography (CT) consisting of a hazy opacity that does not obscure the underlying bronchial structures or pulmonary vessels (1). Pure GGOs are those with no solid components, whereas part-solid GGOs contain both GGO and a solid component. You can look up the different kinds. It's so important that you research your terms and diseases so that you get a full understanding of what you have.Knowledge is power and if you aren't sure of something please don't pass it on.

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I had juvenile scleroderma that burned out many years ago. I was officially diagnosed with nsip in 2004. At that point the damage was already done. So I do not take any medication for my lungs, I do take vitiman, eat clean,use essential oils to help with breathlessness, and practice yoga. I have ct scans once a year to make sure the disease isn't progressing and do walk tests ever six months. I stopped doing pft's because I they are so uncomfortable for me. I was only at a 30% and my activity level just doesn't match that number. So my advice is early intervention with a great pulmonologist to help prevent any further damage. This is just a nutshell of my experience living with this disease.

Reread what I wrote, I was just writing to empathize with their frustration & share what I have. Most people on here are sharing their conditions & questioning what is going on with them. It is not a forum to call down & shame someone. Was definitely not diagnosing someone, just asking them to look at what I have & if they are suffering in the same way. Don’t run people off, we need each other. Misinterpretation & ignorance of what someone is trying to share is frustrating as well. You are very knowledgeable and share such helpful information, I appreciate that from you.