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Welcome to Connect, @fifi007. I’d like to introduce you to a few members for each of your concerns, but before I do that I’d also like to share some information, which I hope will alleviate your worry about the palpitations.

I’ve had palpitations or tachycardia, (Supraventricular tachycardia) ever since I can remember, and I know how debilitating these episodes can get! A few years ago, I had a cardiac ablation procedure, (which “resets” the heart’s electrical circuit), as my episodes were getting prolonged, occurred too often, and I couldn’t the fast heart rate with any of the vagal maneuvers. Most people experience an improvement after SVT ablation, but there’s a fair chance that palpitations may return – as they have in my case – and the procedure can be repeated. But, here I am, and so far so good for the both of us, I should say:)
However, I don’t have a right bundle branch block (RBBB), and you might want to ask your doctor about how that might affect the palpitations.

For Palpitations…Meet @ajmario @ktcrosswalk1 @jigglejaws94 @loli @cheris @martishka @texas7777 @mikeyp, who have discussed living with palpitations. You may also wish to view these discussions on Connect:
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For RBBB…Please meet @eileena @balubeje @markjones and @rogue_doctor as they have shared their or their loved ones experiences. Here's some information from Mayo Clinic on bundle branch blocks:
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@fifi007, have you consulted with your doctor about stopping Metoprolol? How do you manage the palpitations?

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I'm one of those with RBBB. Though I had one really bad repeated PVC my ablation got it back under control.

Did you have doubles or triples? I only had singles, but so often the blood bank picked up on them. I read that triples can cause death as an insufficient amount of blood is pumped and you die.

Leet me know if you did have the doubles or triples.

Hello ..thanks for emailing me. I'm new and did not know anyone replied except for the first lady.
I am going to read all of these as time permits. Thanks
Changing Drs. this coming Friday…I have new questions to ask,thanks.