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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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I would go for it. It has a 90% cure rate I read some where. Good luck.

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@ sue6408. I’m wonder the same thing. I relapsed 3 times since October. I finally tested negative last week. I failed Flagyl 2 times & vancomycin once. Them finally Dificid gave me a negative. They said it might come back though or it could be a false negative since my specimen was partially formed. Anyway I’m still cramping lots in spite of the anti spasmodic med. a couple of days ago as soon as I ate I would cramp & be in the bathroom with diarrhea within 30 minutes. Now I haven’t been in 2 days. After I finished the Dificid I went 5 days so they gave me fibercon. That was all good for about 3 days & then I was going at least. 6 times a day. One night I cramped so bad I didn’t get any sleep at all. I am only eating soft foods at the moment. That’s what my GI told me to do I’m down to 85 pounds so I need to be able to gain back my 20 pounds. I’m very overwhelmed by all this. My GI said it might be a year or I could never be the same. They called it post infection IBS.

I had the FMT after being very ill for 4 months. I failed Flagyl, vancomycin & Dificid. It’s been 2 weeks. I had mine through an endoscopy that my dr went past the stomach into the small intestine so that it would be past the stomach acid. I’m still not far enough out to know if it has worked. I sure hope it does. I’m down to 85 pounds & need to get well. I had to try it. I was out of options.