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C. difficile – Are your guts ever normal again?

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@pines. I’ve been finished with my Dificid for 7 days now. I’m so praying that I’m going to make it this time. I have had 3 relapses. 2 from Flagyl & the last one from vancomycin. I went 10 days off the vancomycin & thought I was ok, then I relapsed I was so sick I was taken to the hospital in am ambulance bevause I was so weak I couldn’t stand of lift my arms. I felt better after the IV’s, but was still too weak to even go anywhere within help for over a month. They put me on Dificid then. I’m 7 days finished it & my stomach still doesn’t feel right. I’m praying that it’s just part of the healing process. I haven’t had diarrhea t all. I did have 3 normal stools at first & now it seems like I have to go & it takes forever. I do go but it’s not very much & it’s small. I hope that’s not a bad sign. If I relapse again I’ll have to have the FMT transplant. I’m nervous because I’m down to 85 pounds. I was tiny to begin with. I’ve lost 25 pou in 2 mknths of this awful thing. The drug companies should be ashamed for chatgimg people thus astronomical amount for Dificid. It was 4400.00. My insurance paid it all but 1300.00. That’s horrible. I had to have it though. We are on social security & had to dip into our savings to get it. I just pray I’m ok now. I go to my GI on Friday. I hope I don’t relapse before then.

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Prayers for you, none of this is easy and glad we have this forum to turn to when we feel hopeless…hugs~~

@sandyabbey I was in hopes you would give us an update after finishing the Dificid. I agree with you regarding the cost. I could have taken it after my first bout of Cdiff when the Flagyl didn't work. But I decided, because of the cost, to go with Vancomycin. And after doing 10 days on Vanco and then another relapse and doing the Vanco taper, I finally said enough and I'll pay the Dificid high price. Our insurance paid all but about $1,000. Terrible. But they say it's because it's a new drug and is only used for C.diff. I finished the Dificid on Oct. 26th and have not had a relapse. I knock on wood every time I say that. I now need to make an appointment for a colonoscopy. I'm worried about doing the cleaning and going through the process. And like you, if I have another relapse, I'll do the FMT. 2018 is a year I'm happy to put behind me. 🙂

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