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He has to sleep laying on his stomach and he has to lay down a lot. His chest on his left side hurts a lot of the time. He can just be sitting there talking and he gets out of air. He doesn't want oxygen. He is 54 and we have been married 36 years. I just dont know what I can do. I pat on his back to try and break stuff loose and rub it to relax him.
His first lung dr gave up on him. He told him " he gave up on him because he hadn't quit smoking"
Now this lung dr is better he changed some med and is talking to a dr about a new treatment. But he started smoking and now that is delaying everything. We are trying to quit.

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you must make him quit now or never, my wife and I were both big time smokers we tried SHANTEX AND IT WORKED. GET YOUR DOCTOR TO PERSCRIBE AT ONCE. the temptation just goes away, after APPROX-2 WEEKS. you could try it with out his knowledge, if he takes it he WILL STOP/ thank you for your story, hope this helps.