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@oceantroll Sorry I missed the first tag. I been out of town twice since then. Thank you for tagging me again.
I was diagnosed with the dual cancers follicular Lymphoma and Cecum cancer. I had surgery to remove part of my colon 3 yrs ago. I am on a watch and wait approach for Lymphoma.

I don't have the same symptoms as you do. But I can totally understand there are days where I don't feel like doing a thing.
I have to force myself to go do things. Including working when I feel like that. I work from home, so when I get over tired I hate to say, I been drinking a red bull. I know they are bad for us but once a week it gives me the boost I need.

Have you spoke with dr about trying different vitamins? I know I was told to take B12. As far as exercise this year I been bad. I have not been in the mood for the gym. But I have been walking and bike riding instead. But not as much as I would like too.

I saw a nutritionist too, who helped me come up with healthy menus to eat that would be best for me based on my illnesses. Foods that would help my try and heal. People with Lymphoma need Vitamin A, so she recommended sweet potatoes.

A lot of how we feel has to do with our state of mind. You have to force yourself to move. When I was first diagnosed I was obsessed with reading about both diseases. That i will say made my situation worse.

Might also suggest you contact the livestrong program they offer a fitness class through the local YMCA's that you sign up for. The first 12 weeks are free and give you numerous exercising options to get you motivated.
Hang in there. You can get through this.
Wish you the best.

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Thanks for your note. I am working with my naturopath on nutrition. I look into upping my B and A intake. My wife has been pushing sweet potatoes – so I am learning to like them was not a fan as a kid). Totally get the exercise thing. I once skied an average of 26 hours/week and I am down to 0. So the lack of exercise and ambition is killing me. Thanks for the lead on Livestrong. I take a look.

All the best

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