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My suggestions may help with your sinus and nose issues–Xlear Nasal Spray is a non-burning saline spray that is very soothing and antiseptic (has Xylitol which is a natural disinfectant; be sure to keep away from pets as they can't tolerate Xylitol) and Ponaris Nasal Emollient is a combo of natural oils that helps with dryness and nasal sores. Ponaris helped me so much when my nose became raw while I was going through chemo for breast cancer (if your chemo makes your hair go, you even lose nose hairs and without those, natural moisture doesn't get swept back into the nose and down the throat and everything dries out; the chemo also thins the skin and you end up with a lot of raw spots inside there). Even though chemo was three years ago, these both have a permanent spot in my medicine cabinet. If I think I'm getting a sore throat, I'll give myself a few Xlear sprays down the throat several times a day as well as use it in my nose; often heads it off at the pass. They each run about $13 a bottle; I can find Xlear at Vitamin Sh*ppe and Ponaris at a local, non-chain pharmacy and online.

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@texasduchess I finally started using a backlog and the prepackaged salt,baking soda mix This has cleaned out my sinus but I don't use it everyday I'm going to ENT today for dizziness